Lombok, located just south of the equator, has a hot tropical climate, with two seasons. Rainy season is from mid-October to April and the dry season from May to October. Temperatures are approximately 30°C year round.

With an amazing array of landscapes, coral islands and seascapes; stunning beaches, bays and coves; beautiful waterfalls; lush tropical rain forests, verdant rice fields and majestic Mount Rinjani, Lombok is indeed a tropical paradise island destination.


  • Snorkelling and diving
    • There are several very good sites around Lombok and its surrounding small islands (Gilis). Lombok’s sparkling blue waters are home to beautiful coral reefs with very rare blue coral and thousands of species of marine life. Sightings of Green Sea and Loggerhead turtles are common.
  • Gili Terawangan, Meno and Air
    • These three small coral islands are rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Bali and Lombok. All have spectacular white sandy beaches. There is also a strong environmental outlook on the Gili Islands, with efforts focused on reef protection, regeneration and turtle sanctuaries. The islands are very relaxed and laid-back, with a great variety of little beachside cafes, restaurants and bars serving all tastes in local and international cuisine. Best of all, there are no cars or motorbikes to disturb the peace.
      There are many other strikingly beautiful and less developed Gilis all around Lombok, offering amazing diving and snorkelling. The villa driver will be happy to take you to visit them.
  • Surfing
    • Lombok hosts some of the best world class and beginner breaks. The area around Kuta is a surfer’s paradise. Selong Belanak, Grupuk, Ekas and Bangko Bangko are some of the best-known spots
  • Trekking
    • There are several short treks to see waterfalls and other island attractions. Standing at 3726 m, Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcanic peak in Indonesia. For the people of Lombok, Sasak and Balinese alike, this mountain is a sacred place. It is a challenging, but rewarding, 3-day trek for adventurous travellers.
  • Local Markets
    • The vibrant traditional markets in Ampenan, Cakranegara and Bertais are nearest to the villa. You will find an incredible array of fresh local produce and commodities
  • Shopping
    • Lombok is renowned for its high quality cultured sea pearls which can be found in art markets, handicraft and jewellery shops and pearl farms. Our driver can take you to visit villages in Lombok which specialise in basket and textile weaving, wood-carving and earthenware pottery.